2016 Ford Focus RS 5-door review: Ford’s best car ever? FORD'S AMAZING NEW HOT HATCH PUTS THE AWD RALLY SEGMENT ON NOTICE

Wow, the Focus RS. It’s the best modern Ford product I’ve driven. It’s the best sport compact I’ve ever driven, not including small sports cars. It’s quite an achievement, and it’s so popular that Ford has had to push some 2016 orders into 2017. Can’t make them fast enough. This car is worthy of mention alongside of Ford’s best ever.

Unfortunately, the seating position really lets it down, and it’s a conscious decision on Ford’s part. Ford’s “DNA” dictates a high “H-Point” because older people have bad hips. Will the Ford GT have similarly positioned seats? It better not. Ford should know that some cars don’t need to be octogenarian-friendly. If I were to buy an RS, I’d have the seats out as soon as I took delivery.

The only other complaint I have is the sound. From outside, the car sounds fantastic. You can only sort of hear it from the inside. The BMW is similarly handicapped. They’re both supposed to be unalloyed performance machines. Pull some sound-deadening out and lose the sound-transfer gizmos.

I don’t mean to pile on constructive criticism, but the car is so astonishingly good that you might not hear another negative word about it.