About Us


Omar Shakhsheir & Sons Co. was established in 1964, for the purpose of importing and marketing auto spare parts,  the company headquarter locates in the city of Nablus; the economic capital of Palestine. Thanks to the ambitious businessman Haj Omar Al-Shakhshir, we have started as a small company for renewing and maintaining auto engines, with a small staff Today, we are proud of our team, which grew to be over 28 qualified employee, and of our main branches at the cities of Nablus and Jenin, and sale points distributed all over the cities of West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Since the company establishment, we have attracted many customers, who from first time were considered as partners. Over the years, we have developed to become one of the leading companies in importing and marketing spare parts for automotive and heavy vehicles in the region, in addition to our original work in the field of renewal and maintenance.

Proceeding from this distinction, we have achieved a solid reputation through the special prices and service quality we offer to our customers. Having a glance at the company’s past and current status, we are certainly ensure that  every second of hard work and every effort dedicated  to develop and build the company  reputation was not in vain.